Everything you need to know when buying a house in France

Whether you are looking to invest in French (different) real estate, dream of owning a holiday home in France, or plan to move to France in the future—this beginner’s guide covers everything you need to know and more about buying or renting French Property.

What contemplations do you have to make prior to buying a French property? How would you organize a property visit, make a proposition, and get the best rates on money trade? What is it that you want to be familiar with French property regulation, charges, and mortgages?

Use this guide to get a general step-by-step overview of the property buying or renting process, and learn more about each step of this process.

If you have found yourself gazing into windows of French real estate agencies or looking online at French properties that are for sale, it's essential to know the characteristics of the French property market first.

Purchasing a property in France can entice. You will generally get significantly more for your cash than in a few other countries. It's not difficult to envision yourself partaking in a glass of local wine on your own radiant patio. Be that as it may, settling on the choice to purchase a home in France is a major responsibility; it very well may be a costly slip-up assuming you fail to understand the situation. This guide makes sense of how for find - and purchase - your fantasy French home.

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Buying French Property: The Basics for Foreign Buyers

Buying real estate in France is quite a straightforward process, but it’s really important for foreign buyers to fully understand the procedure and the potential pitfalls before moving ahead. Buying overseas means that you not only need to consider the price, location and what kind of property itself, but also the legal procedure (which may differ from that of your home country), possible currency exchange rates, and the language.

Is now a good time to buy French property?

Property costs in France fared moderately well during the worldwide financial emergency. That is not normal for a portion of France's neighbors, for example, Spain and the Netherlands, where property costs dropped over 20% and 40% separately.

France is one of Europe's centers performing real estate market. It keeps on drawing in global financial backers, with stable year-on-year cost development.

In the last quarter of 2017, costs expanded by 3.3% year-on-year, with more established condos (4.5%) driving the charge. The greatest increments came in Paris; recycled properties expanded in cost by 5.1% in the last quarter of 2017 and 8.6% year-on-year.





Such a long ways in 2018, costs have stayed strong. Exchange levels really fell somewhat, with 42% of banks announcing a drop in credit applications in February 2018.

France's property market upswing beginning around 2015 is fueled by low home loan rates. In February 2017, they stayed extremely low - at only 1.61% in February 2018.

Reliably low expansion, be that as it may, has kept property yield low at around 3 or 4%. In 2018, in any case, expansion has started to increment at a steady level - ascending from 1.3% toward the beginning of the year to arrive at 1.8% in April.

The euro is likewise more vulnerable than it has been as of late. This implies unfamiliar purchasers can get a more alluring conversion scale for their property ventures and basically pay less for a property than contrasted with late years.

Should you buy or rent in France?

Assuming you're now certain about where you want to reside in France, you’ll be more knowledgeable to look directly at properties to buy. If you’re not, then, at that point, leasing a property initially is a decent approach to finding out. Leasing permits you to see what living (instead of holidaying) in France is like. What could have been a charming rustic escape could have too couple of administrations for what you practically need. You can likewise figure out what a spot resembles at various seasons. That blistering summer area might be an altogether different possibility during a chilly, dull winter. It gives you a superior base from which to track down a property to purchase. Even more significantly, you're as of now in situ when the ideal property comes up.

French Property Prices: How Much Does Buying a House in France Cost?

The prices displayed in a French estate agencies window or on the internet normally covers the agent’s fee (anywhere between 4 and 10 per cent of the property price). The price should be followed by the letters FAI if this is the case. There are no fees payable on private sales.

Another notable addition to factor in is the notaries’ fees—every sale must be made through a notaries, so there is no way around paying them. These fees are typically between 6% and 8% depending on the property’s value and are also subject to VAT/TVA at 20%. This can be a substantial addition, especially on high-value properties, so be sure to account for it in your initial budget.

When you are considering a property, always ask what the price consists of or includes. Ask for an estimate of any additional fees and don’t forget to add on 20% for VAT on any extra fees.

House for sale southern France

A subject of an email that we often receive is; is there a suitable house for sale in southern France.

The definition of suitable is different for everyone. Contacting an estate agent can certainly help. Feel free to contact an estate agent with the search query around buying a house in the South of France. Buying a house is something that should not be done in a hurry. Be precise in choosing a real estate agent, make sure they not only help you buy a house, but guide you from A to Z in the buying process of your dream home abroad. There are plenty of houses for sale in the France, so take your time!

Property for sale in France

To buy a house in France you need a number of things including eg. an agent, notary and a reliable seller. Finding a property is one thing, but a seller who can be trusted is another. All of the real estate agencies on ConnectHouses are Trusted Partners, just so you don't have to worry about the above!

Buying a house in France is something that requires the help of a professional. An estate agent is obvious, but don't be afraid to ask them about things that are not directly related to a property. Our majority of houses for sale in France are located on the southern coast areas. Often these real estate agents speak better English than the inland agents. Many people want to buy a cheap property in France, so please check why the property is being offered below a certain price level.

The most beautiful places to visit when in France

There are only a few countries as versatile as France. The Dutch like to go on holiday to France, because it is close to their own border and really has a lot to offer. Mountains, lakes, cities, nature, and beaches: it's all here. Summer and winter, here you can experience a very nice holiday all year round. What are the most beautiful places in France? What are the must-sees for your family? We have listed them for you:

Côte de Granit Rose - Bretagne

The most beautiful place in Bretagne is the Côte de Granit Rose, or the pink granite coast. This is the coastline of Côtes d'Armor on the north side of Bretagne. It is not only one of the most beautiful places in France, but also a hidden gem. Few people know of the existence of this pink granite coast. The Ploumanac'h is the most beautiful part of the Côte de Granit Rose, but you should really take your time for this part of France because Brittany has so many more beautiful places that you really should not miss.

Gorges du Verdon - Provence

Gorges du Verdon one of the natural wonders of France. On the border of the Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence is a deep gorge over a length of 25 kilometers. Cliffs rise hundreds of meters above the bright blue water, a breathtakingly beautiful place. Especially in the summer months, when the water is blue because of the sun, it is a fantastic vacation destination. Whether you choose a road trip through the Gorges du Verdon and beautiful viewpoints for a stop, or you go there yourself with a canoe through it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places in France where you once have been.

Mont Blanc - Alps

Mont Blanc is not only the highest mountain peak of France or the French Alps, but also of the entire Alps. In Europe there are only a few mountains in the Caucasus even higher. Mont Blanc is 4,808 meters high. There is always snow on the top, hence the nickname the White Mountain.

By the way, the summit is still being fought over, because the Italians think the mountain belongs to them. The border runs almost across the top of Mont Blanc.

In a lot of ski resorts you can see Mont Blanc on clear days. Popular is the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, which you can take in summer and winter. From there you have the best view of Mont Blanc. Via a footbridge you can take another elevator to the fallout platform at 3,842 meters.

Etretat - Normandy

Étretat in Normandy is best known for its impressive chalk cliffs along the coast. This part of France has beautiful high, white chalk cliffs as you also see in southern England. Near the town of Etretat, these rocks are particularly formed. For example, a rock has been created with a its top 70 meters above the water of the Atlantic Ocean. This rock bears the name l'Aiguille.

Also, the so-called elephant rock - Manneporte - is beautiful to see, a kind of arch in the rocks that looks like an elephant from a certain angle. It is not the only beautiful place in Normandy, because also the villages of Yport, Fécamp and Saint-Valery-en-Caux are worth a visit.

Ile d'Oleron - Nouvelle-Aquitaine

France has many islands but most of them are small and unknown. And Ile d'Oleron is not world famous but it is one of the most beautiful places in France. It is one of those islands where you immediately come to rest. Where life is easy-going. Fishing, oyster farming and winegrowing provide income in addition to tourism. Off the coast is the famous Fort Boyard.

Ile d'Oléron is not small at all: after Corsica it is the largest island in France (in Europe, so overseas islands not included). It is a true paradise for hikers and cyclists with an unprecedented number of beautiful routes through nature. You will find beautiful beaches, a special lighthouse, and charming villages. Go and experience it for yourself!

Calanques - Côte d'Azur

Parc National des Calanques is located in southern France, between Cassis and Marseille. It is a particularly beautiful natural park with unique rock formations rising from the clear blue sea. A Calanque, according to the definition, is a 'deep valley with steep slopes and partly submerged in the sea'. Hence the name Calanques, because the park is full of these coves. You can make a fantastic road trip by car along steep roads and impressive viewpoints. The clear blue sea contrasts beautifully with the rock formations. There are beautiful hiking trails along the coast that you can take, although some are really challenging due to the height differences!

Paris - Île-de-France

Of course, Paris cannot be missed in this list: not only the capital but certainly the most beautiful city in all of France. A bucket list city where you must have been once. Paris is so special because it is a kind of open-air museum: the real charm and the most beautiful places can be found in the streets, in narrow neighborhoods like Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Le Marais. Century-old houses with lots of details and French balconies, bakeries on every street corner and beautiful city parks. It's a city you can go to 25 times and still not be bored of.

Mont Saint-Michel - Normandy

Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most beautiful places in France, and rocky peninsula in Normandy. What makes this place so special is that it was originally a tidal island, a place you can only reach by land at low tide. Nowadays - unfortunately - a narrow elevated road leads to the island. Mont Saint-Michel is truly magnificent to behold, especially if you can look at it from a distance, for example at sunset. But also when you are on the peninsula itself it is beautiful. You do need to climb a little bit, because the narrow streets can only be discovered via numerous stairs.

The Lake of Annecy - Haute-Savoie

In the Haute-Savoie lies the Lake of Annecy, named after the nearby town. A very beautiful lake to see, which lies at the foot of the Alps. You can already see the mountains with the naked eye. In and around Lake Annecy there is plenty to do. There is plenty of sailing, swimming, and boating, but also around the lake it is wonderful. There is a beautiful and well-maintained bicycle path around the lake, so you can walk, run or cycle very well. If you go all the way around the lake, then that's 38 kilometers. In the summer it is very cozy in the city of Annecy, with atmospheric streets, lots of water and terraces picture perfect.

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