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To buy a house in France it is important to be well informed in advance about the obligations as a buyer. Buying a house in France is something where you have a broker and notary needed. There are many houses for sale in France therefore it is recommended to take the time to buy a property in France. Many people think that buying a property in France is something that involves an extremely complicated process. However with the right contacts and partners this process is in most cases almost the same as in the Netherlands. A person often puts a house for sale France for a number of different reasons. It is wise to find out the reason for moving, so ask for this too.

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When the desire for a property in France is there but the budget is limited there are still options. Buying a cottage in France is then one of these options. In the south we see that there is much search for a cottage for sale in France. This is partly due to the pleasant climate. Dutch people buying a cottage in France is therefore something that occurs frequently. In the next paragraph you will read why it is so pleasant to buy a cottage in France. Many went before you to buy a second house in France.





House for sale southern France

A subject of an email that we often receive is; is there a suitable house for sale southern France. The definition of suitable is different for everyone. Contacting an estate agent can certainly help. Feel free to contact an estate agent with the search question around buying a house in the South of France. Buying a house South France is something that should not be done in a hurry. Be precise in choosing a real estate agent, make sure they not only help you buy a house in South France, but guide you from A to Z in the buying process of your dream home abroad. There are plenty of houses for sale in the South of France, so take your time!

Property for sale in France

To buy a house in France you need a number of things including eg an agent, notary and a seller where the trust is good. Finding a property is one thing, but a seller who can be trusted is another. Don't let this put you off, but be aware of why they are selling the property. Buying a house in France is something that requires the help of a professional. An estate agent is obvious, but don't be afraid to ask them about things that are not directly related to a property. Our majority of houses for sale in France are located on the southern coast areas. Often these brokerages speak better English than the inland brokerages. Many people want to buy a cheap property in France, so please check why the property is being offered at below a certain price level.

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