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Buying a home abroad, how often do people actually do that? In general, of course, that doesn't happen often! Do you know what to look for when buying a home? How do you take care of the finance of a property abroad? How do you check whether there are debts on a home for which the new buyer needs to take over?

For example, in a country like Spain you have to deal with NIE numbers and it is wise to consult a lawyer. A lawyer can check that there are no debts or unpaid tax bills on the property, a notary in Spain does not do this.
In short, the buying/selling processes differs per country. We therefore advise you to involve a purchase broker in these processes at all times.

Buying a home abroad does not have to be a different experience than buying a home here in your own country. This experience should be even more beautiful and uniquer!

ConnectHouses, in the form of a buyer's agent, can embark on the journey with you to investigate all topics and make sure that everything is as it should be, instead of "assuming" this.

Do you have a house in mind and would you like to start a process with a Dutch purchasing agent to buy a house abroad? Contact one of our colleagues, via the contact form on this page, for more information about the method!


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The next steps

How do you apply a purchase broker?

A way in which you are supported by a purchase broker can basically be offered in 2 subjects:

1. Telephone advice

  • First conversation
    The customer explains the situation, what kind of home it is, which place, which broker, the history. This creates a basis for the purchase broker.

  • Advice when you are on location
    The customer can contact the purchasing agent via a video call when he or she is on location, so that advice can be given on aspects that can be seen when visiting the property abroad.

  • Advice on paperwork
    The purchase broker will inform the customer about aspects that are important during the purchase, for example how things are arranged with the land, whether the customer should pay attention to outstanding energy bills or overdue taxes, this is only advice.

  • Non-binding purchase advice.
    The purchasing agent can help the customer to provide additional explanations for certain documents, to ensure that things are understood as intended.

2. Telephone advice and Paper Check

  •  Everything from "package 1"

  •  Paper Check

Where with "package 1" the purchase broker only gives general advice on what the customer should pay attention to in the field of documentation, with "package 2" the documentation will be checked by the purchase broker himself. The purchasing agent will then explain to the customer what applies on:

  • (Construction) permits

  • Rental licenses

  • Outstanding bills for gas, water and electricity

  • Back taxes

  • Land Ownership

  • Purchase contract

  • Etc.

After this screening, the situation is fully mapped out. The buyer's agent will then advise whether or not to buy the house.

Why ConnectHouses?


Whether you are a young professional, have been retired for some time, or whether you are looking for real estate abroad with an investment purpose, ConnectHouses has the offer for everything. Depending on your needs and wishes, there are a number of hotspots abroad with great real estate offers. Suitable holiday homes can be found in many countries such as Italy, Spain and France. These countries are often loved by families with children. In addition, there are holiday homes in Croatia. Portugal is ideal for people who want to enjoy peace and climate during their retirement. ConnectHouses is happy to help you when looking for and buying a house abroad.