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When a mortgage or financing?

Buying a home abroad is in itself something that requires a lot of attention in a short period of time. It is therefore quite logical that if you have never bought a home abroad before, you will have many questions. Often one of these questions also has to do with the topic 'mortgage & financing'.

On this page you will find more information about a mortgage & financing for a home abroad.

The next steps

How does ConnectHouses arrange your mortgages & financing?

When do you need a mortgage for your home abroad?

In the situations below, it may be interesting for you to take out a mortgage for your home abroad.

You want to buy a home and you need a loan for this or you are thinking about a new loan because the fixed-rate period of your current loan has ended. You have surplus value on your current home in the Netherlands that you want to use to finance your second home abroad in combination with a new mortgage. Then you can read on this page what we can do for you.

It is important to consider the following topics when discussing a mortgage for a home abroad:

  • The amount you want to finance?
  • What is the equity value of your home in the Netherlands?
  • For what period do you plan to keep the home abroad?
  • Do you already have other financing solutions in place outside the Netherlands?
  • What monthly amount would you like to use in the ideal situation?
  • In addition to the equity, do you also bring your own funds?
  • Sometimes it is wise to close an insurance with your loan. Do you already have insurance policies?


Summary: What can we do for you?

Through ConnectHouses you will be fully supported within a process in which we look together for the best financial solution for your situation. What our mortgage and financing experts can do for you can be divided into five different types of activities.


The mortgage

We can advise you on mortgages from different providers. It doesn't stop at the advice. If the situation offered meets your wishes, the entire process, from advice to financing and insurance for your home abroad, can be arranged.

Research                     How is your personal situation?

Advice                         Which financial solution suits you and your situation?

Search                         Which provider has the financial solution that suits you?

Contract                      Have you chosen? We can ensure that you get the contracts.

Maintenance              You have the contract. After that, we keep an eye on whether things are going well.


Average costs

Research and advice for the most ideal financing option

Targeted closing of the presented financing option

Combination of research, advice and financing


Explanation: What can we do for you?


How is your personal situation?

We start with your personal situation. Because only when we know your personal situation well, we can give you good financial advice. For example, together with you, we answer the following questions:

  • What do you already know about possible financial solutions? And do you have experience with this?
  • What do you want and what can you pay?
  • How much security do you want? And how much risk can you and do you want to take?



Which financial solution suits your situation.

After we have mapped out your personal situation and wishes, we analyze this customer profile. You will be presented with a financial solution that matches your situation and wishes. The current situation has been fully reviewed and financial solutions that can be connected to this have been examined in order to finance your home abroad in the most ideal way.



Which provider has the financial solution that suits you?


The mortgage

After we have examined which financial solution best suits your situation and wishes, we will look for a suitable solution. In order to find a suitable offer, we compare a limited number of mortgages. We look at which mortgages suit you and your situation. We prefer to work with a number of providers. We only recommend a limited number of mortgages from other reliable providers.


Mortgage insurance

After a suitable mortgage has been found for your situation, various options regarding insurance will also be included. Insurance is not always necessary, but often advised. It is advantageous to include the insurance directly in the process of the mortgage. Various options will also be presented for this.



When a joint choice has been made from the various options, we will ensure that the correct contracts have been drawn up.



Once the trajectory is running, we take care of the financing to ensure that it continues to run in the most ideal way.

The contract often runs for a long time. After you have signed the contract, your personal situation may change. The product may no longer suit your personal situation in the future. It is important that you know that during the term of the contract you are entitled to information about, among other things, important changes to the product.



Package 1: Consumer


Research and advice for the most ideal financing option.

Targeted closing of the presented financing option.

Combination of research, advice and financing.


Package 2: Entrepreneurs

Research and advice for the most ideal financing option.The investment for entrepreneurs is higher because different constructions have to be investigated.

Targeted closing of the presented financing option.

Combination of research, advice and financing.

Why ConnectHouses?


Whether you are a young professional, have been retired for some time, or whether you are looking for real estate abroad with an investment purpose, ConnectHouses has the offer for everything. Depending on your needs and wishes, there are a number of hotspots abroad with great real estate offers. Suitable holiday homes can be found in many countries such as Italy, Spain and France. These countries are often loved by families with children. In addition, there are holiday homes in Croatia. Portugal is ideal for people who want to enjoy peace and climate during their retirement. ConnectHouses is happy to help you when looking for and buying a house abroad.