Everything you need to know when buying a house in Hungary

Buying a house or apartment in Hungary is highly recommended. This atmospheric and beautiful country has much more to offer than the world-famous city of Budapest. The capital is a huge tourist attraction, but it is not the only beautiful place in Hungary.

Hungary is a country where you can taste delicious dishes. You will be surprised by the quality of Hungarian cuisine. Goulash is one of the famous dishes, but cheese and wine are also highly recommended. Hungary also has beautiful nature. If you visit Hungary, you should visit Lake Balaton. This is the largest warm water lake in Central Europe. Therefore, Lake Balaton is also a tourist attraction. So maybe it is the ideal place to buy a house?

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Second home Hungary

Buying a second home in Hungary is a big step and usually costs a lot of money. Therefore, it is important to first list the requirements. What requirements should the house meet? First, consider the area. Hungary is a fairly large country and each region has its advantages and disadvantages. Hungary is surrounded by other countries, so it is not possible to build houses by the sea. However, you can choose to live by the famous Lake Balaton. 

Lake Balaton in Hungary is the largest freshwater lake in Europe. It is a major tourist destination in Hungary and even has its own airport.





Emigrating to Hungary

Hungary is an attractive residential country that is attracting more and more people. Many people use vacation homes only during their vacations. But also more and more people want to move to Hungary permanently. Usually the only option is to buy a house.

If you decide to emigrate to Hungary, the most important thing is which region to choose. The difference between big cities (like Budapest) and the countryside is much bigger than in the Netherlands. However, if you want to realize the dream of a farm with a lot of land, the land price in Hungary is much lower than in your own country. Whatever region you choose, Hungary is very different from the Netherlands or Belgium and has clear advantages.

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