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How does a search query work?

Wake up to a sea view? Open the door and enjoy a 360 degree view? Do you wish to take the step abroad and buy your own home? But, you don't know where to find the house that meets all your needs?

It is possible to submit your active search query to ConnectHouses. The platform has a unique and diverse network of a large number of brokers spread across Europe.
Based on your criteria, ConnectHouses specialists can actively look for that one unique home you've always dreamed of. Our specialists are often offered a slightly different offer than what can be found publicly, this has to do with a bit of exclusivity on the housing market, which often occurs in countries such as Spain and Italy, regardless of the price range. We therefore have access to the “silent market”.

After that, you can choose to start the purchase process with the support of a ConnectHouses purchase broker, or to undergo this yourself together with one of our affiliated brokers.

Interested in submitting your search query to ConnectHouses and curious about what such a process looks like? Contact one of our colleagues, via the contact form on this page, for more information about the method!

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Why ConnectHouses?


Whether you are a young professional, have been retired for some time, or whether you are looking for real estate abroad with an investment purpose, ConnectHouses has the offer for everything. Depending on your needs and wishes, there are a number of hotspots abroad with great real estate offers. Suitable holiday homes can be found in many countries such as Italy, Spain and France. These countries are often loved by families with children. In addition, there are holiday homes in Croatia. Portugal is ideal for people who want to enjoy peace and climate during their retirement. ConnectHouses is happy to help you when looking for and buying a house abroad.