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We are groundbreaking

Dreaming about a second home abroad, does that sound familiar to you? This can become reality because the prices these days are attractive. Through our large network of real estate agencies, our team can support consumers from the Benelux in their search for a (second) home abroad.

Reliability is key, so the real estate agencies that are affiliated with our platform are selected on several criteria. One of the most important ones… the listings of our partners must meet the demand of consumers from the Benelux. Our goal is to be the reliable bridge between consumers and the foreign agencies.

About us

Since 2019 ConnectHouses is the international real estate platform for consumers, investors, and companies. Through our thoughtful networking strategies, targeted campaigns, and our well-organized platform, we have already been able to connect many of our Dutch clients with affiliated, foreign real estate agencies.

Our team ensures that the distance between you and the foreign real estate agencies disappears. So, the team of ConnectHouses supports you during your search, the entire purchase process, and the follow-up. This makes us the ideal partner in the field of real estate abroad.

Why ConnectHouses? 

Many families dream of owning a home abroad, often in countries such as Italy, Spain, and France. Whether you are a young professional, a retiree or looking to invest, we have what you need.

Depending on your needs and wishes, we can advise, guide, and support you in the purchase of your suitable second home, vacation home or investment property.

We know where and how to find the best deals and what to expect when buying real estate abroad. Some examples are… country-specific legal requirements, the purchase process and carrying out international money transfers.

What we stand for

We are a team of professionals in the field of international real estate. Through our knowledge of real estate, networking strategies and the online world, we know how to connect interested parties and real estate agencies. 

Pillars central to ConnectHouses:


ConnectHouses managed to build its reputation through good communication; reliable communication between the real estate agencies and the consumer.

People who want to rent or buy real estate can rely on ConnectHouses.


The communication between real estate agents and clients is always transparent, our clients can therefore move abroad and move into their (second) villa or apartment carefree. 


We find it important that the contact between consumer and agent remains personal. We hope this will allow the client to focus on their (second) home abroad. 


Connecting the agent and the consumer is the main goal of our platform. We do this through the amount of listings on our platform and good communication.

Why buy a house abroad?

Investing in foreign real estate has been known as a good investment for many years. Moreover, you can benefit from it in 2 ways:

First, of course, there is a chance that the surplus value on a home abroad will increase significantly over the years. So, this is positive news for people who want to invest in property abroad for their own use. In this way, a homeowner benefits from a chunk of return over a long period of time. Yield maximization is something that can certainly be interesting in the long run for those who buy a property abroad. 

Those who want to get more out of their foreign investment of course also have the option to rent out or sell their vacation home at a profit.





The Process

Once you have your preferred location(s) in mind, we recommend that you follow the following steps:

Establishing a realistic budget

Establishing your budget allows you to proceed realistically, that way you won't be disappointed further down the road. You will know where your limits lie.

Also consider any renovation budget, notary and/or estate agent fees.

By looking at the listings on ConnectHouses you can make a price indication of your desired home.

Finding a real estate agent

When you do a quick search for a home or property, it can result in a very large list of properties with a lot of potential. The temptation to call or email immediately will therefore be very strong.

However, it is better to first get clear about the services and the working area of the real estate agent. So, you know that you are working with a reliable brokerage in the region where you are looking for a home. We are happy to help you with this.

Viewing real estate

When you have found a potential house for sale or rent on ConnectHouses, you can request a viewing with the real estate agent of the property in question. If you need support with this, we will be happy to help you.

Making an offer

Given the size of the transaction and the long-term effects, it is critical that you fully understand the purchase agreement.

It is important that you engage a legal representative. You can think of a lawyer who is familiar with real estate transactions abroad. They will help you understand the content of the contract.

We have a large independent network of every link in this process and will be happy to inform you.


After the purchase, there is certainly one more thing to do. Above all, you need to enjoy your home abroad. We at ConnectHouses hope to make your dream come true by providing you with your dream home abroad!

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