Buy a house in Portugal


Buying a house in Portugal

To buy a house in Portugal, it is important to understand your obligations as a buyer beforehand. Buying a house in Portugal is something you need a real estate agent and a notary public for. There are many houses for sale in Portugal, so it is advisable to spend time buying property in Portugal. Many people think that buying a house in Portugal is an extremely complicated process. However, with the right contacts and partners, in most cases this process is almost the same as in the Netherlands. People often sell houses in Portugal for various reasons. It is wise to find out the reason for this move, so ask.

If you want to own a house in Portugal but have a limited budget, you still have many options. Buying or renting a house in Portugal is among these options. In the south, we saw many people searching for houses for sale in Portugal. Part of the reason is the pleasant weather. That is why Dutch people buying houses in Portugal is very common. In the next section you will read what is involved in emigrating to Portugal.

Emigrating to Portugal

In this paragraph, you will learn about everything that is involved in emigrating to Portugal.
Emigrating to Portugal is not something you do lightly. It is usually thought about and discussed at length. Many people dream about emigrating to a warm country and ConnectHouses is there to make this happen for you.

Our large offer in villas, apartments, townhouses, land and even business premises in Portugal is therefore very wide and diverse.

After having lived in Portugal for more than 3 months, you have to register as a resident of a Portuguese municipality. For this purpose you will have to deregister from the Netherlands or Belgium at your municipality.

If you want to emigrate to Portugal, there are certainly a lot of subjects involved. Our specialists can help you find your way around and take all your worries off your hands.

Buying a villa in Algarve, Portugal

The most famous and unique region in Portugal is undoubtedly the Algarve, a vast green area where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Here you will find many luxury locations known for their exclusive properties, such as Algarve or Vilamoura, where you can find modern apartments and villas equipped with all comforts and sea views.

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