An unusual search question... This is what we experienced!


Case: Search query | Estate in Spain

At the beginning of this year we received a request from a family who were looking for an estate in Spain. 
ConnectHouses handles these kind of search requests within our department "ConnectHouses Exclusive". Within this team they know how to optimally use our large network to come up with the best possible options. 
After receiving the request, 2 specialists from ConnectHouses talked to the family to make the search more concrete and to map out all the wishes.

ConnectHouses has a very large and diverse network. In each country, in each place and in the different classes ConnectHouses has built up a network over the years and is therefore directly at the source, without the intervention of another link. This is the strength of ConnectHouses!

After specifically setting out our search request, we quickly received a response. Within a week we received several options, after which a selection of 3 options remained. 
The 3 options we presented a week later to the family by means of a full elaboration of each listing. All information that was available was taken into account. 

The 1st and 2nd options ended up being the listings that specifically wanted to be visited. After returning to the office there was again intensive contact with the various brokers. 

In the first half of May the properties would be visited, but given the size of the plots (Approx. 500ha/700ha) this would happen in a different way than it usually happens. 

A brokerage company made the "Company Helicopter" available for the viewing and the plot in Spain could thus also be viewed by air. 
Our client was flown privately to Malaga Airport, Spain and from there by helicopter to the hotel and then on to the brokerage in Malagá, Spain.

The 2 listings were viewed during the 3 days. Upon returning to the Netherlands, an offer was made for option 2, which was accepted after a brief negotiation. 

At the end of this year the family will occupy the property as their second residence.

We can look back on a successful project in which we took all the worries out of our client's hands.

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