Negative savings interest rate

Negatieve spaarrente

Private negative interest

The interest is not calculated per client but per separate account. The reason behind the recent interest rate reduction is the persistently low-interest rates in the entire market. Also, the monetary policy of the European Central Bank has influenced the negative savings interest rates because they want to stimulate investment in foreign real estate, among other things. The latter adjustment will take effect on 1 July 2021.

Just like ING Bank and ABN AMRO Bank, Rabobank sets the bar for negative savings interest rates at 100,000 euros for private savings. Rabobank claims that this will not affect the majority of its clients. However, a group of retail clients continues to suffer from negative savings rates.

Negative interest rates for corporate clients

Rabobank's corporate clients will also feel the effects of negative savings rates. The bar for negative savings interest rates on business accounts will also be around EUR 100,000. Negative interest rates may occur during deflationary periods. Thus, Covid-19 actually affects negative interest rates. However, certain parts of the market are growing. This may give a distorted picture, but the banks draw a general conclusion about the whole market.

Solution for negative savings interest rates

Given that the negative savings interest rate is expected to continue for a while, it is interesting to look for alternatives to save money to generate some kind of positive savings interest rate.

Saving alternatives:

Withdrawing the money and bringing it into your home
Deposit savings
Switching from bank to bank
Investing in real estate
Complications of investing in real estate in the Netherlands?
Given that the current property market is largely dominated by several large parties, investing in real estate in the Netherlands brings some complications with it. When you have a good property in mind, you may often see the property being bought up before your eyes by investment companies, pension funds, and insurance companies. The real estate that gives you a real return is hardly accessible as a Dutch consumer.

Investing in foreign real estate

Considering the scale of the European real estate market, which has a lot of potentials, it is interesting to immerse yourself in it. Investing in land or property often offers a stable basis on which to rest your investment. Especially when the investment is made for the long term, a fixed increase in value can be enjoyed.

Some things must be in place for this to happen:

  • A reliable estate agent
  • A good local notary
  • A good intermediary who is familiar with the sector
  • Investing in commercial property

Investing in commercial real estate abroad is nowadays closer than ever. We as ConnectHouses are fully behind it given our experience.

Commercial real estate offers 4 strong advantages for the investor:

Wide choice of interesting real estate.
With the right investment property, you can enjoy a monthly passive income from renting it out.
With the right investment property, enjoy long-term capital gains from rising inflation in certain coastal areas.
If possible, you as an investor can also stay in a flat in Spain, for example.
Renting out your foreign property investment
Do you have property abroad that is vacant for short or long periods, but you do not know how the property can best be rented out? Make ConnectHouses B.V. your partner and see how we take care of it.

ConnectHouses does not only search for a tenant, we go further than that. We take care of the entire process, from looking for a tenant to checking the financials. We also keep an eye on your property through our contacts.

ConnectHouses B.V. is happy to make its platform available to offer your property. By using this platform a potential tenant will be within reach. The quicker a tenant moves into the property, the quicker you will earn a return. As soon as we have found a tenant, we will contact you to discuss matters again. ConnectHouses has several contracts that we can tailor to your needs.

Why choose to rent out with ConnectHouses B.V.? Because you value your property. If no one is staying in the property it will have no value. Here we offer the opportunity to make a difference and add value if you are not able to enjoy it yourself. Reliability and clarity are our top priority, combined with the total care ConnectHouses B.V. offers makes us the partner you need.

Interested in possibilities and details?