Different architectural styles in Europe


As you could probably expect, there are many different types of architectural styles. In the paragraph below we go through a few of them. Each type of architecture has its own history.


The cottage architectural style originates from the 19th century, but in the 20th century it spread to the Netherlands and Belgium. The style is very popular in the countryside, and it really comes into its own here. It is a very rural, but romantic building style with a lot of attention for craftsmanship, handicraft and traditional techniques.

This architectural style can often be recognized by the number of layers and the roof. For example, the house often only has one or two floors and the steep thatched, slates or roof with roof tiles runs down in several places. It has an irregular volume due to the addition of various building elements, such as chimneys and bay windows.


One of the reasons why modern homes are becoming more and more popular is the use of wood, stone, concrete and aluminum details. Modern houses often have large windows that ensure that the house is optimally lit and that you bring the environment inside. It has a very sleek design, is minimalistic and has a fresh design.

A modern house is perfect in a densely built-up neighborhood or environment, it blends well with different architectural styles when it is surrounded by it, and always remains a striking eye-catcher. Especially through the windows you get a beautiful view of the nature in the area and because of the weather and the seasons your view will not be the same every day.


Classic homes are made up of timeless elements, which have proven themselves in practice for decades. The symmetrical style used is charming and appeals to many people. It combines grandeur with rich detailing, which compliments the architectural style.

A lot of masonry is used in the facades, and everything is possible in that regard. The houses look spacious and let in a lot of light.


A townhouse usually consists of a ground floor, a first floor and a second floor with different rooms. It is a high-rise house with the well-known cloche roof. It offers a huge amount of living space.

The construction is often carried out in a historicizing style, the window frames are also designed within that line. There are so many possibilities; rich and traditional detailing such as a timber gutter with decorative frame or stone windowsills and much more.

Beach houses

Houses by the sea have a different construction than regular houses, which are not located by the sea. They have been specially designed for a very warm and wet climate, and the wind resistance of the houses is also considered. The wide and open verandas, which mainly consist of wood, are characteristic of this type of housing, and they are often made on one level. The houses often have large windows and wide eaves towards the seaside of the house.

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