Renting Out


Renting out with ConnectHouses

Do you own foreign real estate that is unoccupied for short or long periods of time, and do you not know how you can rent the property out? Make ConnectHouses your partner and see how we will take care of the problem.

ConnectHouses will not only search for a tenant, we will do more than just that. We will take care of the complete process, from looking for a tenant to analyzing the financial matters. We can also use our network to keep an eye on your property.

ConnectHouses will make its platform available to offer your property to potential tenants. Through making use of this platform a potential tenant is incredibly close. When we have found a tenant for your property we will contact you to guide you through the process of renting out the property. ConnectHouses has contracts which we can customize to suit your needs and desires.

Why choose for ‘renting out with ConnectHouses’? because you value your property, but you also want your property to bring value to you. When a property is unoccupied, and it will not bring value is when we make the difference. We will guide you through the whole process, after all, clarity and reliability are our core values, combine this with our excellent service and care, and you have found your partner in real estate.

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